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A Special Thanks to SteWart's Holiday Match grant

The Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant funded tickets to the 2016 Flurry Festival for two youth groups, Hamilton Hill Arts Center of Schenectady and The Town Shop Youth Center in Camillus, New York.

Stewart’s continued generosity and commitment for youth development provided great experiences as seen in the testimonials below. We are so grateful the assistance from Stewart’s Shops in this area, supporting diversity, age-integration, arts, culture, traditional music, dance and spirit for our wintertime festival - The Flurry - held in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Here are a few comments about their trip:


“I thought going to the Flurry Festival was very nice of you guys to invite us. I liked when we did dancing and the music was nice. I am very grateful to have had the chance to enjoy the class where we improvised and did different parts and for that I thank you again for another year of winter fun!” -- M.


“I liked the acting class and the hip-hop. I had lots of fun and learned some new dance steps. Thank you!” -- J.


“The flurry festival was great. Sorry we couldn’t stay the rest of the time. I had so much fun and learned new stuff. Thank you.” -- Z.


“Well, I am looking forward to another year at the Flurry Festival. I so enjoy it. My second time coming; even my mom came to help on the trip and she liked it as well. My mom danced with us.” -- N. “Saturday entailed contra dancing, tai chi, Tahitian dance, yoga, blues and jazz dance, among many other forms, at beginner and expert levels. There were hallways full of musicians playing together and vendors selling crafts and/or food. We met up with other former participants (one was volunteering at the event and the other two were coming along to enjoy the food and to dance the night away). The young people were grateful and it was hard to say goodbye to our hosts and the festival when the time came because everyone was enjoying himself or herself so much… everyone with huge grins on their faces, already inquiring about doing the same trip next year!” -- D.