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To report a lost instrument after the Flurry:
_ _ , or call: 518-384-3275


Instrument Check is free and available for ALL musicians, FREE of charge -- for a few hours, or the whole weekend. You must return your ticket stub to claim your instrument. Doors are locked at Midnight for overnight storage. Open at 9a.m. (Scheduled musicians -- Early pickup must be arranged with the IC Crew CHIEF when you drop off your instrument.)

** NEW LOCATION: Saratoga Hilton Hotel, lower lobby -- behind the Performer Sales area (old "High Rock" room). Access to the left or right of the Performer Sales.


Friday: 4pm - 12:30am

Saturday: 9am - 12:30am

Sunday: 9am - 9:30pm (Special closeing time for 2017)



  • NO drop-offs before 4pm Friday! The Flurry is not responsible for items left unattended before the rooms are staffed.

  • Instruments/performance-related items, ONLY -- No coats, luggage, purses, shopping bags, food, boots, or other personal items.

  • Fill out Check-room ticket and receive a receipt stub -- you MUST have the stub to reclaim your instrument!

  • LABEL ALL ITEMS --- Name, phone or address, so that we may reach you in the unlikely event that it is left behind (It DOES happen) --- OR --- if someone finds your lost receipt on the floor and comes to claim your instrument.
    (Hint -- to help staff quickly find your instrument in the hundreds in the room, tie something bright to the handle to make it easier to spot: i.e. -- "Mine is the black guitar case with the orange tie." )

  • Only Flurry Staff are allowed in the "general public" IC room. Unless you need to carry a heavy or delicate instrument into the room (i.e. bass, piano).

  • NO PRACTICING, SLEEPING OR EATING MEALS in the IC room -- this is for STORAGE of instruments, ONLY.

  • ALLOW TIME TO GET YOUR INSTRUMENT before your next event (especially during peak hours on Saturday (10 a.m. -- 6:30 p.m.).

  • END OF FLURRY PICKUP -- Please remember to get your instrument before the closing time on Flurry Sunday. Instruments left behind will be taken to Lost & Found. If there is ID in the instrument, we will try to contact you to make arrangements for pickup.



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