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Flurry Festival, February 13, 14, 15, 2015, 534 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY



Due to the large volume of lost items, we are currently cataloging everything.

Please be patient, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.


We do not collect items left in hotel rooms where attendees have stayed. You must call your hotel for items left in your room.

Items are held for *three months* -- usable items are donated to charity, after that.

We ask that you pay postage if you want your item mailed to you.


To report a lost item after the Flurry
(OR to Report something you brought home by mistake)

  • Email . (Click on link or type in:
    Lost and found email address:
  • Describe the item in detail.
  • Include your phone number and mailing address.

Lost Items are collected on Sunday, after 6pm, at the end of the Festival, and brought to the Info Desk.

@ Dance Venues: Lost & Found bins are located at each Dance Venue, at the sound booth or stage. Check there during the weekend. Bins are brought to the Info Table on Sunday night.

@ Workshop Rooms -- Items are left in workshop rooms, and picked up on Sunday, after 6pm. Check any room you were in, first, then check at the Info Desk's Lost & Found.



Label everything you can -- clothes, shoes, water bottles, KIDS, clothing bags, phones, electronic gadgets, etc....small mailing labels that come in the mail are good for quickly labeling items you are going to bring. (Put your name and cell# on your child's wristband.)

Bag it! Bring a unique colored bag (with your name on it!) for holding personal items. Easier to find in a pile.


Lost & Found Shepherd



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