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FEBRUARY 16-18, 2018



Saratoga City Center & Hilton Hotel

534 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866





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WHAT: The Flurry Festival is a celebration of music and dance from America and around the world, with dances such as Contra, Swing, Square, Waltz, Latin, African, European, Israeli, Celtic, Scandinavian and more. Participants come to dance, watch, listen, or participate in a variety of dances and workshops, including dance lessons, singing sessions, instrument workshops, scheduled and impromptu jam sessions, and family events for all ages. The Flurry is a major economic contributor to the City of Saratoga Springs, which has embraced the Flurry since 1994.

Over the course of the weekend, Flurry participants celebrate a variety of cultures from around the world. Engaging in other peoples' cultures while creating one's own community helps us understand and appreciate people who are different from us, rather than feeling threatened by them.

WHERE: The Flurry takes place in several locations in downtown Saratoga Springs. Event headquarters is the City Center and The Saratoga Hilton Hotel (534 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY). Other locations include the Saratoga Music Hall, The Parting Glass Pub, and Caffe Lenai -- all withing walking distance from the City Center.

WHEN: Every President's Day Weekend (three-day extravaganza - date changes each year)
Friday -- 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Saturday -- 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Sunday -- 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


ADMISSION PRICES: (Children 5 and under are free).

Tickets are available for day, night, or all day.

Advance Discount Tickets -- are available as online mail-in form, or via credit through PayPal (do not need a PayPal account) for a limited time, and are then available at the door during the festival weekend.

At-door tickets -- are on sale throughout the Festival weekend at the city Center ticket booth, located in the City Center Lobby. We do not run out of at-door tickets.

Discounts apply for Teen, student, senior, military, and DanceFlurry Organization members. ID is required for teen/student/senior/military tickets.

Prices vary, depending on type of ticket, time of purchase, and block of time desired (half-day, full-day or all weekend). Advance discount tickets are available from mid-December to late January. Tickets are then sold at the door during the festival weekend.

Adult/Senior/Member/Military prices range from $17 - $110

Teen/Student prices range from $15 - $65

Child (6-12) prices runs from $3 - $5

See our web site's ticket page ( for more information.



  • Roughly 7,000 participants (incl. over 300 volunteers and over 400 performers).
  • There are over 250 separate sessions happening over the weekend. These include social dance parties; dance, instrument and vocal workshops; concerts; dance performances, participatory singing and jam sessions, and family-oriented events.

  • Everyone! All ages. Attendees come primarily from the Capital District area and much of NYS, but many come from the northeastern US and Canada, and even Europe.
  • While most people come to dance, many Flurry attendees come to sing, play music, learn or listen to music, or just watch dancing.
  • Events are geared to all levels, from beginner to experienced. There are workshops and some dances for novices ("101" classes) offered (check schedule for events in that catagory).
  • Singles and couples enjoy attending the Flurry. This is a community dance event where people often switch partners after each dance. Many people have met their spouses at the Flurry. You don't need to bring a partner.
  • There are events geared toward adults, teens and families.
    -- Sessions for families often include storytelling, sing-alongs, family dances, kid-friendly concerts, dances from other cultures.
    -- Sessions that teens might enjoy might include hip-hop, improv, belly dance, swing, African dance/drum, Irish step, youth contras, and events performed by other teens.
  • Instrument workshops and demos for a variety of ability levels may include: vocals, fiddle, wind instruments, banjo, mandolin, guitar, percussion and more.


  • A wide variety of dance forms is offered (though may change from year-to-year): Contras, squares, circle, community, swing, Latin (salsa/tango), English Country, waltz, hip-hop, clogging, zydeco, belly dance, improv, two-step country, line dances.
  • Dances from many different cultures: African, Cajun, Scandinavian, Scottish, Celtic/Irish, French-Canadian, Indian, Israeli, Balkan, English, German, Cajun, Native American, Middle Eastern, French, Russian and more.
  • The Flurry is not about "competitive"' ballroom-type dancing, nor is it formal; it's about having fun with plenty of opportunities to learn new dances and meet new people. Dress is casual and comfortable. Soft-soled, clean shoes (shoes not worn outdoors) are required on all dance floors.
  • After all these years, contra dancing remains the most popular dance form at the Festival. Contra dancing is easy to learn. If you can walk, count to eight, and you know your left from your right, you can learn to contra dance.



Please contact the Program director (above) for a link to photos and performer highlight information.

Though we have many returning performers, the lineup varies from year to year, with some "tried-and-true" groups, as well as new up-and-coming bands, or nationally known performers. Please see web site for complete performer list and links to their web sites.



We have a great variety, and with over 250 sessions to choose from, it's hard to pick just a few to highlight. Please review the Schedule on this web site (or contact the Program Director).


COMMENTS / QUOTES about the Flurry Festival:

Responses from attendees when asked “What do you like about the Dance Flurry?"

  • The energy, the people, the variety.
  • The diversity of events, different cultures represented.
  • The dance energy is amazing.
  • The wonderful people who are involved - dancers, performers, and those who organize and run the Flurry.
  • Music everywhere!
  • Wonderful diversity of dance and lessons!!!
  • The fantastic energy level. Congenial people, relaxed atmosphere, good location, range of dancing and music offered; a real smorgasbord to try.
  • The chance to dance all day and night, meet different types of people and to be exposed to different music and culture, and learn something new in a safe and beautiful environment. This year it was the many high school and college kids dancing and playing.
  • Wonderful to see the amazing variety of music and dance, the quality of people, and the fact that there are beginner instruction to at least get you started.
  • The great variety of dance events; majority of participants are friendly & helpful. The dance styles I'd otherwise never try, and the smiles on every passerby. The joy of all that dancing! The energy level and the just fun on everyone's faces.
  • The sense of community.
  • The overwhelming plethora of fantastic things to do every minute of the day. great live music; friendly dance partners (mostly); interesting workshops, wonderful performers and a feeling of re-union with the larger dance community.
  • Celebration of traditional music, and of the creativity in expressing it! All the friendly people and "dance angels."
  • The infrastructure and organization is amazing! Fabulous music and callers! Great dancing.... escaping winter's grip for a few exhausted doing something I love....
  • The wide variety of workshops offered and the amazing energy that comes from such a large number of talented dancers, musicians etc. all in the same place.
  • Reunion, Dancing all day and all night with the best musicians in the country. The insane number of people and the diversity!
  • Well organized, wonderful Festival. Real people/great dancing. The variety of people; ages, nationalities, person types. You have the absolute BEST MUSIC of all festivals.
  • Watching someone new discover this great gathering! Variety--something for everyone. The gathering of young & old together, sharing in dance/music, and passing it on.
  • The peaceful nature of the whole thing, in a day where the world is falling apart.
  • The range and *diversity* -- both preservation of all music that leads to dance, and the future of music and dance.
  • The joy both my children express participating in it! Son 12, Daughter 16. Everybody loves to dance. Everything!

The Flurry Festival is sponsored by the DanceFlurry Organization (Formerly "Hudson-Mohawk Traditional Dances, Inc."), a non-profit arts and educational organization dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional participatory dance and music from the United States and around the world.

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