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Scheduled Performers: Please review this entire page.
Questions? contact: _ _,

or call:(518) 384-3275

Pre-Festival NEEDS

PERFORMER APPLICATION -- * Closed for 2018 *

NEW Application/Registration is required each year (keeps our records updated - thanks!).

Applicaitons run from spring to fall (April - November).


If you need to make changes to your application, contact Flurry Info at the phone number or email address above.



We accept a certain amount of performers from the online applications, and others are recruited by our Program Director and Planning Committee.

We expect performers to be willing to share time in some multi-performer "style" sessions that we create.

It is best to apply early and offer several ideas for each group or solo performer you represent.



  • DANCE BANDS -- to play for squares, swing, blues, Latin, English Country, Celtic, French-Canadian, Cajun, Zydeco, American and international folk dances (i.e. Indian, Middle Eastern, European, African, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  • DANCE INSTRUCTORS/LEADERS -- for contra, square, swing, Latin, English Country, Celtic, French-Canadian, Cajun, Zydeco, International folk dance, etc., . . . or something new!
  • Hands-on "How-To" WORKSHOPS -- in different dance genres, in music & instrument instruction (string, percussion, wind instruments, etc), in vocal/singing instruction, storytelling, body movement (yoga, improv), etc.
  • FAMILY/CHILD, and TEEN-oriented sessions --in dance, music, storytelling, singing, body movement, concerts, performances, etc.
  • PRESENTATIONS/DEMOS -- of traditional music, song, dance, instruments.
  • CONCERTS/PERFORMANCES/GROUP SINGS -- for general audience, and/or children/family -- as entertainment or group participation.
  • OPEN MUSIC JAMS -- for various styles such as Irish, Old-Time, English country, Cajun, contra tunes, French-Canadian, blues, swing, jug band, etc.


  • STEP 1: SIGN UP: New Sign Up required each year (old email and password are not in the new system). You will be asked to verify your email address, then complete your sign-up.
  • STEP 2: fill out the "CONTACT INFO" page
  • STEP 3: fill out "GROUP/ SOLO PERFORMER" page for all groups/solo performers you represent.
    Create each Group or Solo Performer only ONCE (No duplicate listings, please)
  • STEP 4: Go to "SESSION IDEAS" page, select your Group or Solo Performer, and fill out at least one Session form for each Group/Solo Performer.
    -- Please create several session ideas for e
    ach Group or Solo Performer.
    -- Do not put multiple session ideas into one session form. Each session needs its own title, description, time, etc. Create as many ideas as you wish for each Group/Performer.
  • STEP 5: Submit your Application. If error messages appear, please fix the problem and resubmit. Information is added directly into our database. TO PRINT A COPY OF SESSIONS YOU SUBMITTED: Go to the "Sessions" page, and use your browser's "Print" command.
  • For help, contact Festival Information at 518-384-3275



Band/Group Leaders -- Tell all your group members the dates, times and locations they are to perform. You may print your Group schedule using your browser's "print" command.


Go to: Group & Individual Schedules online (currently not available)

-- Selecting "Individual" tab shows each seperate performer's schedule.

-- Selecting "Group" tab shows events and times for ALL your group's members -- including those members doing a workshop (apart from the group) -- OR -- those members who are in a second, or third group.

-- Selecting "Sessions" tab shows all Sessions, by Title, and all performers in that session, including those from other groups. (i.e.... a dance band will see who the caller is for that event).


Schedule subject to change -- check back before the festival for updates to your schedule.



Scheduled performers traveling from out of the area may be housed either in a local hotel or in local residents' homes. If you can stay with friends or relatives in the area, it will help us. Let us know if this is the case. Performers will be notified of their housing assignments well in advance of the festival, and may be specified in the contract. Actual housing assignment will be made about a month before the festival. Please contact the _ _ with any questions about housing.



You MUST use the Flurry's Stage Plot form and notations, if one is required. We will SEND you the form to fill out and return, usually with your contract. If you receive a stage plot, please read the instructions, fill out the form and return it promptly (with your contract, if sent at the same time).

With 15 min changeovers between dances, we need to use the same form for each group (rather than figure out specific notations on everyone's own pre-made plot diagrams).



We provide a Festival Sales Table for our scheduled performers (for cds, dvds, tapes, music books, etc.).

Please read the Performer Sales Instruction Letter thoroughly (see link below) for information on:

• how to fill out Inventory Sales Form
• Inventory Check-In and Check-Out times
• Festival pricing requirements
• Product REGISTRATION Number and sticker information

Please use our Sales Inventory Form to list items and prices.

DEADLINE -- Paper form: February 10, or PDF/Email: February 16, 2017

Timely return of your Sales Form helps the process go quickly, from product check in, to the time you collect your items and sales funds.

-- Download Performer Sales Letter (Instructions)

-- Download Sales Inventory Form*

*NOTE: Sales Form is editable pdf format -- download & save w/your name in subject line, then fill out saved form, save again so you keep a copy, then email the filled-in form to the email address on the form.

(If printing the form on paper, mail to: Ann Pearce, 31B Hall St., Winooski, VT 05404)

Questions? Contact our _ _ , or call (802) 658-8488.



We offer discounted ad space in our Program Book for scheduled festival performers.

All ads must be black & white, camera-ready copy, and be received by deadline date (first week in January).

View: Sample Ad Sizes -- from business card to full-page ads available.

Download & Print: Performer Ad Form
-- Please return form and check ASAP to name listed on form


arriving at the festival


Review the Saratoga Hilton and City Center floor plan to familiarize yourself with the Festival layout for ticket/check-in locations, dance halls, workshop rooms, etc. (Events in Meeting Rm. 2 are on second floor, off the City Center Lobby.)
See: Saratoga Hilton/City Center Floor Plan
View Festival Venues (venue addresses, photos, descriptions)


(See Also -- "Unloading" section, below.)

Please arrive EARLY, as parking can be difficult to find.

Hilton Hotel parking is for Hotel Guests. City Center Parking lot (behind City Center) is free. Both are off Maple Ave (turn from Broadway onto Ellsworth Jones Place at the City Center, and then left onto Maple Ave (behind City Center). City Center lot is on the right, Hotel entrance is just up the street on the left.

Public Street Parking: see PARKING/VENUE MAP on DIRECTIONS page.

The city WILL TOW CARS that are illegally parked, or blocking access areas or cars/trucks. You must obey any snow emergency regulations during bad weather, or any signs on streets with alternate day parking. The Flurry Festival, its organizers and/or the DanceFlurry Organization are not responsible for towed cars or parking fines.



Located in the City Center Lobby. You must sign in at Performer/Staff/Guest Sign-in Table nearest the City Center's Broadway entrance) to pick up your wristband (this is your ticket) and Name Tag. Your wristband MUST be worn at ALL TIMES during the festival to allow you to enter rooms where you are performing. Guests must check-in at the Performer Check-In table and wear their wristband/ticket at all times.



Loading areas are not for long-term parking (10 min time limit, please).  Please check for and obey parking signs. Vehicles left beyond the allowable time limits may be towed.

Do not leave your vehicle in a loading area or any Fire Lane while performing.


•  Hotel Main Entrance "circle," via parking lot entrance off Maple Ave. This is a Fire Lane. Do not block.
•  Front of the Hotel on Broadway (small pull-in area)
•  Loading dock behind City center (for large bands, etc. MUST move car after unloading.)
•  City Center pull-in on Ellsworth Jones Place. 10 min. limit. This is the Taxi Stand area. Please use other loading areas, if possible. Do not block the Taxi Stand.

We have assistance available for unloading/loading: Our Set-up staff and volunteers will be available at the door of the City Center to help you unload when you arrive. Ask for help at the INFO TABLE in the City Center lobby. If you need assistance to move equipment from one venue to another, for performances during the day, please let us know when you check in, and we will set up car/van assistance.



If you did not send in a list of itemized merchandise before the festival (see "Performer Sales" paragraph above), you MUST bring a copy of an itemized list with you with item descriptions, prices, etc. PLEASE REMOVE ANY OLD PRICE STICKERS from your inventory.


FRIDAY from 4 p.m.-11 p.m. -- AND -- SATURDAY from 9 a.m.-12 Noon: Merchandise check-in is located in the Hilton Hotel "Boardroom" to the LEFT of the Hotel Lobby Desk (as you face the desk), and down the hallway. Boardroom is on your left, half-way down.

SATURDAY after 12 Noon: Bring merchandise to the *Festival Sales table* in the Hotel Gallery, across from Hotel Lobby stairway.



Instruments & performance items ONLY. Available for all musicians attending the Flurry (not just scheduled performers). Sorry, no coats, boots, luggage, food, etc., due to space issues.

PLEASE -- NO eating, sleeping or practice sessions in the instrument room. This goes for ALL performers.

** LOCATION: Saratoga Hilton Hotel, off lower lobby -- behind the Performer Sales area (old "High Rock" room). Access to the left of the Performer Sales/DFO tables, near the Restaurant hallway.

Click Here for Check-In RULES and tips.

Instrument Check Hours:

Friday: 4pm - 12:30am

Saturday: 9am - 12:30am

Sunday: 9am - 9:30pm (special time for 2017 extended hours. Normally 6:30pm)



There is no designated "practice area" or "green room" at the Festival, due to lack of space. DO NOT use INSTRUMENT CHECK or the QUIET ROOM for practice, please! If you or one of your band mates is staying at the Hilton Hotel, please use your room as a practice area. (No playing in hotel rooms, upper hallways, or stairwells after 10pm). We expect groups to arrive "ready to roll," but understand pre-session tune-ups and rehearsals are necessary, but our space is very limited. Please, no playing in the Workshop hallways (hotel fire code), or in areas where it will disturb a workshop/dance in session (i.e. Pavilion Hallway, close to the Pavilion sessions).



The Wedge Room is located behind the On-Site Ticket Sales table at the end of the City Center lobby, and is open only during City Center hours. Closed to general public. PERFORMERS/VOLUNTEERS/STAFF MUST WEAR FESTIVAL NAME TAG AND WRISTBAND to enter this area.

The Wedge Room offers:

  • 8a.m. - Coffee and bagels Saturday and Sunday morning -- until we run out. Cooking appliances are NOT allowed in this area. (Lunch and dinner may be found at either the Hotel Buffet, City Center Snack Shack, Vendors in City Center Lobby, Hotel Restaurant (off Hilton Gallery) or in restaurants and cafes in Saratoga along Broadway and side streets within walking distance from the City Center. See Program Book Ads for dining locations)
  • An area for coats and boots, at your own risk -- please keep important personal items with you or in your room. The DanceFlurry Organization, Festival or City Center are not responsible for items left in the Wedge Room, or anywhere in any Festival venue.
  • A curtained area for costume changes -- let our Program Director know if you require space for costume changes. Please -- do not use the changing area for rehearsals.

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