Responses when asked, “What do you like about the Dance Flurry?" (Taken from Survey questionnaires):

  • The energy, the people, the variety.
  • The diversity of events, different cultures represented.
  • The dance energy is amazing.
  • The wonderful people who are involved - dancers, performers, and those who organize and run the Flurry.
  • Music everywhere!
  • Wonderful diversity of dance and lessons!!!
  • The fantastic energy level. Congenial people, relaxed atmosphere, good location, range of dancing and music offered; a real smorgasbord to try.
  • The chance to dance all day and night, meet different types of people and to be exposed to different music and culture, and learn something new in a safe and beautiful environment. This year it was the many high school and college kids dancing and playing.
  • Wonderful to see the amazing variety of music and dance, the quality of people, and the fact that there are beginner instruction to at least get you started.
  • The great variety of dance events; majority of participants are friendly & helpful. The dance styles I'd otherwise never try, and the smiles on every passerby. The joy of all that dancing! The energy level and the just fun on everyone's faces.
  • The sense of community.
  • The overwhelming plethora of fantastic things to do every minute of the day. great live music; friendly dance partners (mostly); interesting workshops, wonderful performers and a feeling of re-union with the larger dance community.
  • Celebration of traditional music, and of the creativity in expressing it! All the friendly people and "dance angels."
  • The infrastructure and organization is amazing! Fabulous music and callers! Great dancing, escaping winter's grip for a few days . . . joy . . .friends . . . music . . . getting exhausted doing something I love.
  • The wide variety of workshops offered and the amazing energy that comes from such a large number of talented dancers, musicians etc. all in the same place.
  • Reunion, Dancing all day and all night with the best musicians in the country. The insane number of people and the diversity!
  • Well organized, wonderful Festival. Real people/great dancing. The variety of people; ages, nationalities, person types. You have the absolute BEST MUSIC of all festivals.
  • Watching someone new discover this great gathering! Variety--something for everyone. The gathering of young & old together, sharing in dance/music, and passing it on.
  • The peaceful nature of the whole thing, in a day where the world is falling apart.
  • The range and *diversity* -- both preservation of all music that leads to dance, and the future of music and dance.
  • The joy both my children express participating in it! Son 12, Daughter 16. Everybody loves to dance.
  • Everything!



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