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Festival House Rules / General Info Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)TICKETS



  • Wristbands -- The wristband is your ticket, must be worn on your wrist, and is needed to enter any workshop or dance hall. Entry is not allowed in these rooms without a ticket on your wrist.

  • Dance Floors/Shoes: Wear only soft-soled, non-street shoes on all wooden dance floors. Well-cushioned shoes are recommended for vinyl flooring. If you must wear shoes that have been outside, please clean the bottoms to help reduce dust and damage on the floors.

  • NO Smoking or Alcohol, please.

  • Children 12 and Under, Must Be Accompanied and Supervised by Adults at All Times. Children must wear their ticket wristbands. (You may wish to write your name and cell number on their band, should you become separated.)

  • Jamming: One of the joys of The Flurry! We love our musicians and appreciate what you add to the festival, but while jamming, please allow room for traffic flow, especially for wheel chairs and staff handling emergency situations. While you can jam in many places, please review the recommendations below:

    There are designated jam spaces in:

    • City Center 2nd floor (near the rail/seating area)
    • the Hilton Gallery (keep dining walkway clear; kitchen entrance unblocked)
    • the Pavilion (scheduled day jams, open jamming before 9am, and after hours)
    • Small areas near High Rock (the “cubby” and to side of hallway entrance)
    • The glass hallway to the Pavilion - very small gatherings through the "tunnel" -- but not close to the Pavilion entrance while scheduled jams are in session. Do not block traffic flow. 
    • City Center Gallery (near tickets/info) after 10pm

    Jamming is not permitted:  

    • In front of any Emergency exit, doorway, or in taped-off areas.
    • In Hotel upper Lobby (they need to hear phones and provide customer service).
    • On stairway to hotel Lobby (must be kept clear)
    • Stairwells, hotel hallways, or hotel rooms after 10pm
    • In Workshop hallways while events are in session

    If you are jamming in a designated "no jamming" space, or if your group grows to a size that it is blocking traffic, festival staff will ask you to relocate or reduce size/configuration.


  • Coats, boots personal items -- There are a limited number of coat racks in and/or around: Rosenberg Hall (Rm D), outside Meeting Rm. 2 (City Center upper floor), Hall outside the Hotel ("Melita") Ballroom and in some areas of the hotel gallery. There is NO coat-check room.
    You are responsible for your possessions. If you lose something during the festival, check all areas where you have been, then report it to the Lost & Found at the Info Desk in the City Center lobby. (See Lost & Found info below.)


INFORMATION TABLE -- located in the City Center Lobby, for general help, first aid box (adhesive bandages), message board, Lost & Found, etc.


PARKING -- Improperly parked cars WILL be ticketed and/or towed. (See Directions page for Parking map which shows local parking lots, garages, and streets open for Flurry parking.) Hilton Hotel parking lot is for Hotel guests, and charges a fee. City Center parking lot is free -- just off Maple Ave (behind City Center). and off High Rock Rd. Do NOT park in no-parking or loading zones, or in taxi stand area, and obey all snow emergency signs. Please do not block any large box trucks, moving vans, any lot around the City Center or Hotel.


SHUTTLE SERVICE --Flurry Shuttle has been discontinued. Taxi service is available at the taxi stand on Ellsworth Jones Place outside the City Center. Some city hotels offer shuttle service to the City Center. Please check with your hotel.


DINING AT THE FLURRY -- The Hilton Hotel Buffet offers a breakfast, lunch and dinner (located in the Hotel lower Gallery) with an open eating area. There is also a restaurant in the Hilton Hotel, just off the Lower Gallery. The City Center Lobby Snack Shack -- and a few food vendors in the City Center lobby -- offer light meals and snacks. Local restaurants, pubs and cafes are within walking distance along Broadway (heading south) and on some side streets throughout Saratoga Springs. See map


LOST & FOUND -- Located at the Information Table, in the City Center Lobby. All items not claimed at the end of the festival will be held for three months (we try to connect you to your stuff), after which, items in good condition will be donated to charity. To report a lost item after the festival, contact the * *.


INSTRUMENT CHECK -- is free and open to both performers and attendees, and is located behind the Festival Sales Table. Secure storage for a few hours, overnight, or for the whole weekend. CLICK HERE for details. No coats, bags, clothing, luggage, or practice sessions allowed in instrument check room.


Q: Is this event mostly/only for people who dance?
A: The Flurry is for everyone! There are a variety of dances and dance instruction for all levels (beginner-experienced), as well as workshop sessions for singing, instruments, body movement, etc. We also have several concerts, family events, performances, and scheduled jams throughout the weekend.


Q: Are there teen or family events?
A: Yes! For all ages, on Saturday and Sunday (storytelling, singing, games, dance). Look for the black circle with "F" in it at the top of a column in the schedule grid. It signifies that there are one or more family-oriented events in that column. Any session with a code that has [F] in it is family-friendly. A code of [T] is geared specifically for teens.


Q: Do I need special dance shoes?
A: No, but we require soft-soled, clean shoes (either "dance" shoes, or shoes not worn outdoors) on all dance floors to protect them from wear, and to keep down dust. Hard-soled shoes/boots, and high-heels may be more prone to slipping on floors. Some people bring a second pair of shoes with clean soles. If you dance in your street shoes, please wipe them clean, before entering a dance hall.


Q: What kind of dance floors do you have?

A: A mix of wood and vinyl: Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 (City Center), the Hilton Hotel Ballroom, Hilton Hotel Room D (Rosenberg Hall), and the Saratoga Dance Hall all have wooden floors. City Center Room A, B/C are vinyl.


Q: Do I pre-register for events or workshops?
A: No. Just purchase a ticket for a day, night, all-day, or all-weekend. We never sell out of tickets at the door (Advance sales are time-limited). However, some dance halls or workshop rooms may become overcrowded, and we may have to limit numbers in those rooms, for safety reasons.


Q: Are there craft or clothing vendors?
A: Yes, a small number selling clothes, jewelry, dance shoes, or music-related crafts/instruments, soaps and other items. There is also a Festival Sales table where you can purchase performer's cd's, tapes, music books -- as well as festival-related items such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, etc.



NOTE: We cannot process credit cards at the Festival. "At-Door" Tickets are cash or check, only.

There are no refunds on any ticket. There is an ATM at the Hilton Hotel, and in nearby stores.


Q: Can I buy tickets in advance?
A: You may purchase tickets online or via postal mail *for a limited time*

*** ALL Online tickets are held for pickup.***

• Advance DISCOUNT tickets -- are available online, from late-December to the last Monday in January. Must be requested by deadline date.

• FULL-FESTIVAL tickets -- may be purchased online, for one week only, after the "Discount" deadline -- OR -- purchased at the door, during the festival weekend.

Online: Go to our Tickets page, and click "online" button to purchase (via Pay Pal), using your credit card or Pay Pal account. NOTE: You do not need a Pay Pal account to use your credit card. A processing fee is applied to each Order (not each ticket), and shows in the "shipping & handling" area on PayPal.

By Mail: download, print and mail the paper form and your payment (Check/Money Order only), by postmark deadline.


Q: How should one pay for tickets if living in Canada?
A: All tickets must be paid for in U.S. funds. In the past, Canadian participants have sent Money Orders or Bank Checks from a U.S. fund account. We hold your tickets at the advance ticket table, since mailing may be delayed.


Q: How do I know you received my payment, or the sale went through?

A: Check with your bank, first, to see if your transaction has been noted on your credit account, or if your check has cleared (if mailing it in).

If using Pay Pal to purchase tickets -- you will receive an email from Pay Pal. Please bring your Pay Pal receipt (email notification) with you when picking up your tickets.


Q: I bought tickets online, but haven't received them yet.

A: All tickets purchased online are held, and can be picked up at the Adv. Ticket table, during the festival weekend.


Q: Can I order advance tickets for someone else?
A: Yes, but tickets can only be picked up by the person whose name is on the order. If you are ordering together, but arriving separately, notify us of the names of ALL in your party, and we will gladly hold tickets under individual names. See Ticket page for more information.


Q: Why can't discounted Student/Teen/Child/Military tickets be mailed to me in advance?

A: Visual ID is required for these tickets. (DanceFlurry Organization members (if Senior or Military) do not require ID and can be mailed, if purchased via paper mail-in form.) TEEN tickets may require ID on pickup.


Q: If I'm a Senior (or Military), and a DFO Member, do I still need to send ID?

A: No. You should purchase the DFO Member ticket (same price as senior). We compare DFO Member names to the current member list.


Q: What is the turn-around time for processing Flurry tickets?
A: Paper Ticket orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Mailing starts around mid-January. All orders will be mailed by the Friday before the Festival weekend. We do not confirm receipt of your order. Your canceled check is your receipt.

NOTE: ALL *ONLINE* ORDERS ARE HELD. You are responsible for checking to be sure your credit account shows your transaction, so that you can be sure you will have a ticket waiting for you.

If you are concerned about receiving your ticket on time, have it held for pick-up.
ALSO NOTE:  If you order close to the deadline, and think that a MAILED ticket will not reach you in time, please request that we hold your ticket (at time of purchase) for pickup at the Advance Ticket window.


Q: I can't make it (storm, injury, etc). Can I get a refund on my advance discount ticket?
A: There are no refunds for any ticket, but you may sell or give away your ticket. (See info below.)


Q: Can I resell, or give my unused ticket to another person?

A: Yes. If you have your ticket in hand (it was mailed to you when you sent in a paper form), then you may sell or give it to another person. We do not need to know who it is.

BUT -- If your ticket is being held for pickup -- and you wish to give it to someone or sell it to another party, you MUST contact _ _ BEFORE the festival weekend, and give us the name, once the ticket is sold or handed over. They must have proper ID to pick up a transferrerd or sold ticket, otherwise, they will not be able to obtain the ticket.


Q: What if I forget or misplace my tickets?
A: You must purchase a new ticket at the festival. If you find your lost UNUSED ticket(s), you may get a refund for your replacement purchase, by returning your unused original tickets by March 31.

Contact _ _ for more information. Remember: tickets that are held for pickup cannot be forgotten or misplaced. (Consider having your ticket held, next time, if you purchase via paper form. That way, it cannot be lost/forgotten.)


Q: I forgot or misplaced my ID, can I still pick up my held ticket?

A: We do not release your tickets without identification from you. This protects YOU and our ticket staff.  We will accept the receipt you received from PayPal (PREFERRED)  a credit card, your insurance id card, a copy of or your  original drivers license,   If your ticket is related to a further discount due to age (senior, teen) or student status, age-related id or student id is required.  Do not leave identification in your glove box, your hotel room or home!  You will be asked to retrieve it. 


Q: Can tickets bought for one day be exchanged for another? Can I upgrade?
A: We're sorry, but we do not upgrade tickets. You may purchase tickets for the remaining time blocks.


Q: Can I pick up my tickets early?

A: Tickets can be picked up, starting Friday night, as soon as the Festival ticket booth opens (usually around 5:30pm). Check the Ticket page for times.


Q: Does my young child need a ticket?
A: Ages 5 and under are free. All children, six and over require a ticket (wristband). Young children MUST wear their wristbands at all times, and those 12 and under MUST be supervised.


Q: Do you run out of at-door tickets?
A: No. All tickets are available at the door the weekend of the festival at the City Center Lobby.


Q: Do I need a ticket if I just want to listen to the music or jam?

A: Jamming areas are open to anyone, no charge. See the "House Rules" at top of page for Jamming info. If a concert is in a workshop room, you will need a wristband to enter.


Q: Do I need a ticket if I am just chaperoning my kids, but not dancing?
A: Yes. A wristband ticket is needed to enter any workshop or dance hall. And all children under 12 must have an adult with them.


Q: Do you have a children's playroom or babysitting services?

A: We do not have child care at the Flurry.

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