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Festival Venues


There are an assortment of free parking lots, 2-hr lots, and parking garages (some allow all-day parking on top level, only). You may park on local streets, where allowed. Please be mindful of no-parking and snow-emergency signs. The Saratoga Police Department WILL ticket and/or tow.


See the DIRECTIONS page for Venue, Shuttle and Parking Map.


ALL Festival venues are in walking distance.

All directions given below are from the City Center.
Directions and street map can be found in the Program Book.

1 & 2. Saratoga Springs City Center / Saratoga Hilton Hotel
522-534 Broadway (Rte 50) -- Festival Headquarters
(Handicap access)

City Center: Ticket Sales, Festival Information, Lost and Found, Performer and Volunteer check-in. Dances, workshops, concerts, presentations, jams.

Hilton Hotel: Workshop rooms, instrument check, food Gallery, quiet room.

Location: Our Headquarters is at the north end of Saratoga Springs, corner of Broadway (Rte 50) and Ellsworth Jones Place (formerly Grove St.). City Center entrances are on Ellsworth and Broadway. Hilton Hotel entrances are on Broadway, and off Maple Ave (via hotel parking lot)

Parking: Hilton Hotel Lot may charge a fee. The City Center lot is free (enter via Maple Ave or High Rock Rd.). Try side streets, and Woodlawn Ave Parking Garage, top level (2-3 blocks from City Center).
Food: Hotel Gallery Buffet, City Center Snack shack, two local food vendors. Local dining is just a short walk, nearby.

(Events All Weekend)


(Photo: Lawrence White)

3. Saratoga Music Hall (3rd floor City Hall) -- 474 Broadway

(Handicap access)
Typical Sessions
: Dances, dance lessons, performance.
Location: Walkable, south from City Center, same side. Corner of Broadway & Lake Ave. Music Hall is on 3rd floor via stairs or elevator.
Food: Baked goods and beverages.



4. Parting Glass Pub -- 42 Lake Ave
(Handicap access, in back)

Typical Sessions: (Sat/Sun) Concerts only.
Location: Walkable from City Center. One block south from City Center, left on Lake Ave, go three blocks.

Food: Irish Pub fare



(Photo: Ian Hamelin)

5. Caffe Lena -- 47 Phila St

(Stairs - 2nd floor, no elevator)
Typical Sessions: Concerts only

Sat only: Festival Concerts - free to festival attendees w/wristband.

Fri & Sun - Lena Concerts w/discount for Festival attendees who have wristband).

Location: Three blocks south on Broadway, left onto Phila, two blocks down (hill).

OR, south on Maple. Cross two streets to Phila, turn left, one block. STAIRS
Food: Variety of Coffee, teas, light cafe menu.


All concerts are open to the public. See Caffe Lena web site for information.)


6. Occasional Special Venue: Saratoga Library -- 49 Henry St.

Sessions: Two Saturday day events only

Located 3 blocks south of the City Center, with access from Putnam St. parking lot and entrance.

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