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Volunteer Form Will open Mid-December


Volunteers receive a full-festival weekend ticket in return for either:
Working 6 hrs during the Festival weekend
-- OR --
Work 8 hrs before, or 8 hrs after the Festival weekend.



If you are scheduled and cannot work your shift, you MUST notify your crew chief, immediately, so we can replace you beforehand.

If you received a Flurry ticket (wristband), and attend the Flurry, but don't work your shifts, you will be charged for your ticket, and may not be accepted to volunteer in future festivals.

If you have already purchased a ticket, and then get called to work as a volunteer, your ticket cost will be reimbursed.

If you have applied, but have not been placed by the Flurry weekend, your name will still be on our "Wait List." Those potential volunteers who have marked the "can call at Flurry" check box will be called if positions open during the festival weekend.


PLEASE NOTE: Crews that are full do not show on the online Volunteer Form. (Crew definitions are listed below). The Wait List opens, closer to the Flurry weekend.

Apply only ONCE, please.





  • Advance Tickets: Pickup (At Festival) -- After reviewing ID and/or proof of age, releases ticket Wristband to purchaser at ticket pick-up table. Assists with putting wristband on ticket purchaser. A minimum shift of 2 hours on Friday evening is required.
  • Festival Sales -- Set-up/break-down of Sales area. Check-in/check-out of performer merchandise. Sell items at Sales table. Sales assistants/clerks (use cash register).
  • Flooring -- Very physical work: Laying and securing wood dance floor systems before festival, and removing floors immediately after. Strong emphasis as a team effort. Familiarity with using power screwdriver desired.
  • Information/ Vol. & Perf. Check-In -- People-friendly. Check in volunteers during festival weekend. Work at Info table to help attendees.
  • Instrument Check -- Some physical work; Tag and store instruments for musicians/performers in safe area. Last shift is late at night, 12:30 AM.
  • Keyboard/Sound Equipment -- Periodic movement of keyboards/equipment from venue to venue and workshop rooms during the festival. Should be knowledgeable about digital keyboards and basic electronics.
  • Lighting -- Pre/Post festival set and strike of lighting equipment in Melita Ballroom. Must have basic knowledge of electrical circuitry, ability to lift 25 lbs over head and be comfortable working on step-ladders.
  • Lost & Found -- Maintain Lost & Found bins during Flurry. Collect leftover items after festival, sort and box up. Must be available 5:30-8:30 PM Sunday night.
  • On-Site Tickets -- Help sell tickets on-site during Festival. Sales register use helpful, will train.
  • Raffles -- Sell Room and Quilt Raffle tickets on-site during festival weekend. Volunteers work three shifts of two hours each over the course of the weekend.
  • Runner -- Assist performers and staff during festival weekend, running errands, etc.
  • Setup/Cleanup -- Physical work. Primarily pre- and post-festival set-up and tear-down. There will be some specific tasks to be done during the festival. Physical work. (8 hrs total)
  • Shadow: Program Director -- Director's personal aide; take notes, run errands
  • Shadow: Admin. Director -- Director's personal aide; take notes, run errands
  • Signs -- Create and place signs in/around festival venues, during festival weekend.
  • Site Services -- Check wristbands at event room doors, provide information and directions to Flurry participants, assist with crowd control and any other lawful request made by Flurry staff, Site Services Shift Leaders or Venue Management and Staff.
  • Stage/Sound -- Help with sound setup on stages/rooms. Experience running sound boards at events a plus. Experience setting up, and breaking down bands. Must be able to move heavy objects.
  • Workshop Rooms -- Physical work: help set up workshop rooms for events: move chairs, tables, etc; Event "time-keepers."
  • Wait List -- The "Stand-by" list of potential volunteeres -- may be assigned to ANY crew in need, once all or most crews are full. Must be willing to work where needed. No placement guarantee. (If able to be called AT the Flurry for last-minute sub, please list cell number for "at Flurry" calls). We suggest you purchase an Advance Discount Ticket BEFORE THE ADVANCE TICKET DEADLINE (see ticket page), to be sure you receive discount pricing if not placed. If you purchase a ticket, and are placed as a Volunteer, you will be reimbursed for your ticket cost.



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