Updated 11/29/21


Q: What about Omicron?

A: Needless to say we are concerned, and will be watching carefully as the world learns more about this emerging variant in the coming weeks. It seems likely that Omicron, with its high degree of contagiousness, will establish itself in the US before long. We don’t yet know whether it produces more serious illness than previous variants, and how protective existing immunity/newly received boosters will be. We are hoping for fuller data before ticket sales open, to help us all make better-informed decisions about how to proceed. We’ll post updates here if our plans or policies change.

You have many questions about this attempt to hold an in-person event this February, and here we try our best to answer them. The answers may change throughout the fall and early winter, as the world keeps changing around us, but here we go…

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❄️ I love the Flurry so, so much and want to make sure that it survives and thrives and gets back to a full-scale event as soon as it’s safe to. What can I do to help?


💖💖💖 You are a true Friend of the Flurry, and it’s times like these we need YOUR help to keep us on our feet! Here are a few ways you can contribute:

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