2023 Q&A

Winter Roots FAQ

Was it an amazing festival?

Yes! It absolutely was! Check out the videos up on the Flurry Facebook page, DFO Facebook page, and Friends of the Flurry group. We had SO MUCH FUN dancing with you all again, and we know you did too.

Did we just save the 2024 Flurry Festival?!?

We did! In just a few weeks, the Flurry community responded to our call, and raised $100,000 to allow us to start planning for next year’s festival. We are so grateful for your donations, words of support, and advice and guidance as we undertook this massive fundraising effort. Everyone who contributed in any way has a special place in our Flurry hearts, and though you can’t see it, we’re playing a tune for you!

So is that it, then?

We’d love to think that everything could go right back to normal next year, and we’d never have to ask for your help again. But as anyone who’s tried to steer an arts organization through the pandemic – or any arts lover who occasionally checks their mail – knows, the landscape has changed such that Flurry is going to need ongoing support to keep bringing you that unique and wonderful experience each year. While many people have returned to large-scale dancing, many are not yet comfortable with the health risks it can involve. And the breadth of disagreement over Covid precautions in our dance world, mirroring that of our larger communities, makes it difficult to find solutions that will appeal to all. We know that Flurry attendance will continue to be a challenge, and we will need funding beyond ticket sales to keep our festival sustainable.

Our fundraising committee has begun working on multiple fronts, with the guidance and support of many generous community members, to bolster the festival’s financial position and ensure we can continue this tradition for years to come. That will take an ongoing community effort, and you can expect we’ll continue to reach out for your support going forward. Every person who’s experienced the Flurry knows that it’s a piece of magic you can take with you to sustain you throughout those long winter days, and all the ways you contribute to that magic make it deeper and richer for all. That may be volunteering, ridesharing, posting photos, taking a new dancer under your wing, or so many other ways you help build the beautiful community we share each year. And going forward, it may also mean helping out with a contribution here and there, if you have the means.

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