Flurry 2021: We’re going digital

Dear Flurry Family,

We miss dancing with you, and treasure the joy and energy our community generates when it comes together every year.  But my how the world has changed since we gathered in February!

There are many unknowns in the trajectory of this pandemic, but without a readily available COVID-19 vaccine, or the complete absence of transmission on a national level, we expect we will not ethically or legally be able to host an in-person Festival in February 2021.

The story doesn’t end there, though, because we’ve begun shifting gears toward an online Festival that will bring you all the diversity and energy of a traditional in-person Flurry! With a full program of dance, music, instruction, jams, and social opportunities, the 2021 Flurry will be a unique and groundbreaking creation – and we hope to see you there. And, if it is legally and ethical possible come February, we will hold some of the programmed events onsite and with your attendance!

We remain in contact with our partner venues and they are still reserving our weekend, as President’s Day weekend is and will forever be Flurry weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY. We are grateful for the flexibility and dedication of the Saratoga City Center and Saratoga Hilton towards our event, even as we face the impossibility of seeing each other in person. The July 15th Hilton room reservation date is being delayed as we wait to see what this winter holds – so NO reservations will be taken on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more information as the 2021 Flurry Festival takes shape.

Sending Flurry Love,

The Festival Managers