Spring Bloom is cancelled and the Flurry Festival is in peril…


Dear Flurry Family and Traditional Music and Dance Lovers,

Wow! What an amazing Flurry we just had!

The energy, joy, and sense of community was palpable – a reminder that Flurry is a true gem in the world of traditional dance and music. 

However, we are confronted with the reality that things have been exceedingly tough for the arts since the pandemic began. The need to cancel the past two in-person Flurrys left us in a precarious financial place for 2023. Although we budgeted for 1650 tickets, about 1/2 the attendance of a pre-pandemic festival, we actually sold only 1087. This left us with insufficient start-up funds for Spring Bloom, requiring us to cancel the June festival so many were looking forward to. Low Winter Roots ticket sales combined with the absence of projected Spring Bloom revenue has resulted in a heavy loss of $100,000 for Flurry this year.

We are now in an emergency situation, and we are asking for our community’s help to save the Flurry we know and love!  

The Flurry holds a special place in the hearts of many, and with the help of our community we will get through this. We have been here before: In 2006, the lights went out during a winter ice storm and the generosity of performers, dancers, dance organizers, and the local community got the Flurry back on its feet.  We’ve been able to continue our beloved festival for the last 17 years because of the enormous generosity from festival lovers like you. With your support now, we hope to survive and spread joy for years to come!

Will you join us in our efforts to keep the Flurry alive?  A huge thanks to those who have already made contributions or who have pledged support this past week. Your immediate action has raised our spirits and shown us how deeply this community cares!

Please make a contribution at any level at


and send these links to your friends and contacts! 

Our Fundraising Committee is working on additional strategic options to assure that Flurry will remain solvent for future years. If you have fundraising skills or resources you’d like to contribute, please contact us at fundraising@flurryfestival.org.

With love, gratitude, and hope,

Danielle Enblom
Flurry Festival Administrative Manager

Jonathan Greene
Flurry Festival Program Curator

Shira Love
President, Board of Directors of DanceFlurry Organization

Paul Rosenberg
Founder of Flurry Festival and DanceFlurry Organization

Patti Melita
Founder of Flurry Festival and DanceFlurry Organization

…on behalf of the entire Flurry team!