Winter Roots Flurry Festival Tickets

Advance Ticket Sales have ended. An unlimited number of tickets will be available at the door. The policies below also apply to tickets purchased at the door.

Winter Roots Ticket Categories:

  • Child (6-12), child 5 and under/free. Children must be with adult at all times.
    • Note there will be no children’s or family programming at Winter Roots
  • Teen (13-18) proof of AGE may be required.
  • Student (19 and up) must have current photo ID.
  • Military must have valid photo ID.
  • Senior 65+ (born 2/17/1958 or before) ID required.
  • NOTE: If you are a Senior AND a DFO member— order the ticket as a MEMBER ticket. No ID is necessary. (You may become a new member, or renew, when purchasing your ticket.)

❄️ Saturday Daytime tickets are from opening to 5pm. Saturday Night tickets are from 5pm to closing.

❄️ Festival runs Friday evening, February 17 through Sunday February 19, 2023

ADULTOnlineAt door
Friday Night$36$44
Saturday Daytime$50$58
Saturday Night$50$58
All Saturday$81$95
All Sunday$50$58
TEENOnlineAt door
Friday Night$15$20
Saturday Daytime$28$34
Saturday Night$28$34
All Saturday$41$55
All Sunday$28$34
Student/Senior/DFO Member/MilitaryOnline At door
Full-Festival$112 $130
Friday Night$22$30
Saturday Daytime$38$44
Saturday Night$38$44
All Saturday$65$78
All Sunday$38$44
CHILDOnlineAt door
Friday Night$4$5
Saturday Daytime$4$5
Saturday Night$4$5
All Saturday$6$7
All Sunday$4$5

Winter Roots Policies

By making a purchase, you confirm that you have read and agree to all requirements for attending this festival.

Covid Policy

Our full policy can be found at Please familiarize yourself with it, and be confident you understand and agree to all requirements before purchasing a ticket. If you have any questions, send them to Here is a brief summary:

  1. Documentation of Covid vaccination is required, provided either in advance or at the door, and must include a complete initial dose/series, as well as booster if the initial series was in 2021
  2. Must either show a photograph of your negative rapid antigen test and your photo ID, dated the day of entry, or purchase from us a rapid test to take on site for $20 (How do you show the date? See our Q&A page!)
  3. Anyone who recently had Covid, with symptoms beginning less than 10 days ago, may not attend
  4. Anyone with new (developed within the past 5 days) or worsened symptoms associated with Covid or flu may not attend
  5. Masks are not required, but participants are strongly encouraged to use them
  6. If the organizers determine that conditions at the time of the festival warrant additional safety precautions, additional measures may be put in place

To decrease your chances of being denied entry to the festival, we recommend the following:

  • Take extra precautions, such as masking in public and avoiding high-risk situations, in the week prior to the festival
  • If you are traveling a distance, test before leaving home, in addition to the required day-of-entry test
  • If you have recovered from Covid within a few weeks of the festival (but your symptoms began more than 10 days ago), obtain a medical note of clearance from a medical professional to bring with you, in case you have a lingering positive result on your rapid test

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds of advance ticket purchases for reasons unrelated to transmissible illness or exposure to Covid-19. All refund requests must be submitted in writing to, and include any appropriate documentation. Requests will be processed after the festival, will be honored at the discretion of the Flurry, and may take up to two weeks to resolve.

A refund may be requested if:

  • You test positive within 10 days of the start of the festival, or at the door
  • You recently had Covid, with symptoms beginning within the past 10 days
  • You do not attend because of Covid- or flu-like symptoms
  • You do not attend because of a known close exposure to a person with Covid

Refunds will not be granted if:

  • You leave the festival early due to a positive Covid test or symptoms
  • You choose not to attend due to Covid safety concerns
  • You choose not to attend because of additional restrictions we put in place
  • You are denied entry because you cannot document vaccination as required

Photography Policy

Photographs are taken at the festival by designated Flurry photographers, as well as attendees. Photos taken by the Flurry may be used for promotional purposes on our website and other media. Attendance at the festival will be deemed as consent to having photographs taken and used in this manner.

Programming Notes

Although Winter Roots will have less diversity of programming than the typical Flurry, it will include contra, swing and blues, Irish, English country, waltz, balfolk, Czech, square dance, sean-nós/old style Irish, Métis and French Canadian, Zydeco, samba, Israeli, and Scottish country dancing, along with concerts, workshops, and plenty of jams. You can find the full performer list at and the schedule at

  • Sunday’s schedule includes swing programming all throughout the day. There will also be a swing dance Saturday night, but not Friday night or Saturday daytime.
  • There will be no programming specifically geared toward children or families.
  • There will be concerts, workshops, and jams, just like there usually are.

Have questions? Check out our Q&A page or contact us.