Winter Roots Vaccination Documentation

Attention: This form is closed. Volunteers, comps, and guests who have not already submitted MUST bring their documentation with them to the festival, or they will not be admitted.

This form is for non-ticketed Flurry attendees (such as volunteers, performers, sound crew, and comps) to provide vaccination documentation in advance of the festival. If you have already completed this form and were asked to provide additional information, you may send it directly to

Volunteers: This form is only for submitting your vaccination documentation, and does not sign you up to volunteer. To become a volunteer, you need to go to and follow the instructions provided to access and complete the volunteer application.

Please do not complete this form if you are a ticket holder or are planning to purchase a ticket. There is an opportunity to provide vaccination information on the ticket form, or you may send it to

If you have not yet reviewed our full Covid policy for Winter Roots, which describes the requirements in detail, please do so at