Winter Roots Schedule – All Days

A searchable listing of all events is available below the schedule grid. You can also view schedules for each day individually using the links below.

(C) Chat: Led discussion, sharing.
(D) Participatory Dancing: Leader provides walk-thrus and prompting.
(E) Entertainment
(G) Group Participation: Jams, Sings, Yoga, etc.
(I) Instruction Featured: Instructor walks you through the steps; how-to’s.
(N) No Instruction / No Walk-Thrus: Dances that do not require leaders.
(P) Presentation: Demonstration of a particular skill, or presentation of educational material.
(B) Beginner Level: No, or very little experience.
(S) Secondary Level: Can do the basics well and have some experience.
(X) Experienced Level: Specifically for those with a lot of experience. Not recommended for beginners.
(M) Mixed Level: Anyone, any level, may attend.
Schedules by Day:

* Friday schedule

* Saturday schedule

* Sunday schedule