Culture of Consent

Public service announcement:

We strive for a strong culture of consent at The Flurry. All actions, on and off the dance floor, should be consensual. This includes “little” things like asking your partners if they wish to be dipped or picked up, and bigger things like not making unwanted advances on others. This goes for all genders. Please treat everyone with kindness and respect.

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel your are being treated appropriately by someone at the festival, and you feel you need help managing the situation, please seek out Site Services (folks in the bright vests working all over the place) and ask for their help contacting the appropriate people to help you out. You can also request help at the information table and they will contact the appropriate people to help you.

While we hope there are no situations where this is warranted, we are here to help and would like to create a safe space for everyone to dance and have fun!


What can you do to promote a culture of consent?

  • Be a role model of consensual behavior:
  • Be respectful of your partners and friends.
  • Don’t make assumptions about what someone else might want.
  • Ask questions of your dance partners and people in your circle.

For example:

  • Dip?
  • Lift?
  • Do we have a mutual attraction thing going on?
  • Is it okay if I ________?
  • Respect without question that “No” means no.

And so on.

If someone is interacting with you in a way that you are not comfortable with, use your voice.
For example:

  • No
  • Stop
  • I don’t like that.
  • Put a hand up to signal a stop.

And so on.

If you are dancing with someone, or interacting with them in another way, and you are uncomfortable in a way that is not manageable with words, you have the right to remove yourself from the situation. Even if it’s in the middle of the dance. Your personal safety is more important than the flow of a dance. If you experience this level of problem with a fellow dancer, please report to Site Services so that we can help further.

Let’s all be kind and respectful and have an amazing Flurry!