Statement of Inclusivity

We at the Flurry Festival celebrate a diverse culture, and value all members of our community. The Flurry welcomes and does not discriminate against any attendee based on matter of age, race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexual orientation, gender/genderless identification, or levels of physical ability.

The Flurry has a zero tolerance policy towards acts of discrimination, violence, or vulgar attitudes towards any festival goer that might be based on one of these categories of personhood. Patrons who choose to discriminate against or harm others, based on a refusal to celebrate all that we are, will be removed from the festival. No ticket refund will be issued.

Privacy Statement

Contact information received by The Flurry Festival from performers, volunteers, vendors, staff/support personnel, or patrons is not shared with, or sold to, any outside party, and is gathered solely for Festival use.


Photographs are taken at the festival by designated Flurry photographers, as well as attendees. Photos taken by the Flurry may be used for promotional purposes on our website and other media. Attendance at the festival will be deemed as consent to having photographs taken and used in this manner.


photo of dance crowd

The Flurry Festival offers volunteers a full-weekend pass in exchange for 6-8 hours of volunteer work, either before, during, or after the Festival, depending on the crew needs. We ask that Flurry Festival Volunteers:

  • Be polite and courteous, as an ambassador of the Flurry
  • Give full attention to your job while on duty: no dancing, sleeping, texting/phone, knitting, eating/alcohol, etc.
  • Know your schedule — contact your crew chief if you are not sure of times.
  • Show up on time
  • Work your FULL shift, and ALL scheduled shifts. (Late or no-shows cause logistical issues. If unable to work part or all of your schedule, you must contact your crew chief as soon as possible).
  • Be flexible regarding work schedule assignments.
  • Be flexible in offered hours when called to volunteer: Repeated refusals to work suggested scheduled hours may result in a potential volunteer being passed over for a position.
  • No-shows: If a volunteer picks up his/her ticket, and attends the Flurry, but does not work their scheduled times, they will be asked to pay for their ticket and will be excluded from future volunteer positions.

On-site Vending

Sales of items or services within The Flurry venues during the festival weekend are contract-based and subject to prior approval by either the Flurry Festival, the Hilton Hotel, The Saratoga City Center, or other Festival-sanctioned venues. The selling of items not under such a contract are prohibited. Vendors and/or general public may not just “set up shop” in the Gallery, dance halls, dining area, etc.

Craft Vendors:  Due to the limited amount of space, vendors are selected from a list of either past vendors, or those who have introduced themselves via email, or in person at the festival.  Spaces are for handcrafted items such as instruments, clothing, dance shoes, jewelry, and other small crafts (no “commercial” vendors such as siding, tub/shower rehabs, newspapers, etc.). See “Contact” information for Vendor Coordinator if you wish to offer your craft for consideration.

Food Vendors:  Food vendors are booked and approved by the Saratoga Springs City Center.