Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are making decisions on Flurry 2021, and will post any updates later in the year.


If you have never been to the Flurry — you may review the OLD 2020 (February) schedule to see the types of events offered.

View OLD 2020 Flurry Schedule

Please Note — Grid schedule pages line up as:
Pg. 1 – Code Key/Sunday Dances
Pg. 2 – Friday Night/Sunday Workshops
Pg. 3 – Saturday Dances
Pg. 4 – Saturday Workshops/Concerts


Paper copy of Schedule Grid:
Send a self-addressed, stamped *business-sized* envelope (after December 30) to:

Flurry Schedule
c/o Mead
791 Swaggertown Rd
Scotia, NY 12302