The Flurry 2019 is over. If you’ve never been to the Flurry, you can check out our OLD schedule to see the types of events and dances we offer.

View OLD 2019 5-pg. Schedule: Fri-Sat-Sun
Updated: 2/11/19

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Online Searchable Schedules
(not currently available)

  • ALL SESSIONS (or by Venue): Choose a Venue from “Select Presenter” drop down menu.
    (Use Search field to locate specific things in your search: i.e. contra, swing, singing, family, etc.)
  • GROUP/INSTRUCTOR Schedules: Select Presenter from drop down list. (Search field finds things within results).
  • INDIVIDUAL PERFORMER Schedules: Use “Select Presenter” drop down menu to find
    times/places a single person is performing.

Schedule subject to change. Major changes will be posted on the “Big Boards” at the festival.

Paper copies

Send a self-addressed, stamped *business-sized* envelope (after December 1st) to:

Flurry Schedule
c/o Mead
791 Swaggertown Rd
Scotia, NY 12302