Apply to Teach or Perform


(updated: 7/1/20) 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently making decisions on the 2021 Flurry.

We will update this page as soon as we have information regarding performer applications.

Thank you to all our performers for your past support. Please stay safe.



Applications run from spring to fall (~June – November). Please read this entire page before applying, so you understand the process and what we are looking for.

 NEW Application/Registration is required each year (keeps our records updated – thanks!). Groups are selected on a rolling basis. Notification on selections will go out, but please note that some may not be sent until January.


  • We value performers/teachers who are willing and capable in presenting variety… for example, a dance band that is able to lead an instrument or singing workshop, or be included in a workshop such as “Fiddle styles” (a moderated panel of fiddle players across genre).  Please list as many sessions as your group is capable of.
  • We work with performers and teachers almost exclusively from the northeast. But, if you are outside the area and you envision a way to make it work or you might be on tour nearby during that week, we still encourage you to apply.
  • If you have it, include video/audio of you in a live setting in your application.


  • DANCE BANDS — play for contra, squares, swing, blues, Latin, English country, Celtic, French-Canadian, cajun, zydeco, American and international folk dances (i.e. Indian, Middle Eastern, European, African, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  • DANCE INSTRUCTORS/LEADERS — for contra, square, swing, Latin, English country, Celtic, French-Canadian, cajun, zydeco, international folk dance, etc., . . . or something new!
  • Hands-on “How-To” WORKSHOPS — in different dance genres, in music & instrument instruction (string, percussion, wind instruments, etc), in vocal/singing instruction, storytelling, body movement (yoga, improv), etc.
  • FAMILY/CHILD, and TEEN-oriented sessions —in dance, music, storytelling, singing, body movement, concerts, performances, puppetry, etc. “Hands-on” events are always welcome for the younger set.
  • PRESENTATIONS/DEMOS — of traditional music, song, dance, instruments.
  • CONCERTS/PERFORMANCES/GROUP SINGS — for general audience, and/or children/family — as entertainment or group participation.
  • OPEN MUSIC JAMS — for various styles such as Irish, old-time, English country, cajun, contra tunes, French-Canadian, blues, swing, jug band, etc.